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A revolutionary new way to track and control your spending on electricity, oil and/or gas.

Anytime, anywhere.

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What is EnerGenius?

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  • From my phone I can see today's energy consumption whenever and wherever I want.

    Oil, gas or electricity, it's all there...

  • On the bus I saw I'd left the heating on, so I turned it off.

    Problem solved.

  • I can switch the heating on for 20 minutes in the morning, without even getting out of bed!

  • Smart scheduling means I can create, amend and restore seasonal, holiday or shiftwork heating plans. With cost estimates...

  • I like the traffic light system - good, bad or indifferent, you can tell at a glance how you're doing for energy consumption.

  • "Did I switch everything off before I left the house?"

    Now I can check and control what's on and off - all from my phone!

So, what exactly is EnerGenius anyway?

EnerGenius is a revolutionary new Energy Management System, which shows your spend on electricity, oil and/or gas, providing you with information anytime, anywhere.

And it doesn't stop there - EnerGenius actively interprets your data, so that you can easily take action to reduce costs.

EnerGenius keeps a detailed record of past spend, charting your progress over time, with detailed comparison to your own targets.

And it doesn't stop there - at multiple locations in your home, Energenius can track temperature and humidity levels.

We think EnerGenius is a Genius Energy Management System and we're sure you'll love it too.

And how can using EnerGenius save me money?

Managing your costs starts with reliable information. EnerGenius helps save you money by

  • tracking your costs in real time, with easily-set targets and useful graphs, you'll know if you're on track
  • regularly generating reports, to give you weekly and monthly overviews
  • sending you instant alerts when necessary (for example if you had left your cooker on), so that you can act promptly and save money
  • offering personalised tips, suggesting what money-saving measures would work best for you
Academic research shows that good energy information reduces energy costs by around 10%. If you use EnerGenius really well, we are sure you could double that, so if your electricity and heating bills total say £1,500 per year, you might target a first-year saving of £300. Of course, this would also reduce your carbon footprint, and while saving money, you'll also help the environment.

I'm not very techy, isn't EnerGenius tricky to use?

The good news is EnerGenius has been designed with you in mind! It is simple and intuitive.

So if, for example, I am at work and I can see that my heating is on, how does EnerGenius help me?

You can use online controls to turn the heating off from anywhere. Even better, the smart heating scheduler will make it simple to avoid it happening again.

If I reduce my spend on heating, won't my house be uncomfortable?

Why not aim to improve your comfort levels, as well as reduce your costs? Reduce your electricity spend and target your heating costs to the time and place you value it... The EnerGenius system puts you in the driving seat to get better results, as well as lower costs. For example, if you use the EnerGenius heating scheduler well, you'll not waste heat when you're not around.

Well, how much does it all cost?

Not as much as you might think. The specific devices, installed by qualified professionals, will vary depending on the house (gas or oil heating etc), but we've worked really hard to keep the cost of our kit down to £250-£395 with an installation fee of only £50-£130.

A monthly charge of £2 will be paid by online customers to cover the support services and maintenance.

Wow! When can I start?

We are planning large scale trials of the revolutionary EnerGenius system, and release will follow that process, in around 24 months time. To be the first to find out whenever EnerGenius is available in your area, please fill out the form on the right.

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